понедельник, 14 марта 2011 г.

Is it ok to be symmetrical?

     A couple of days ago I found an interesting series of portraits by Julian Wolkenstein called "Symmetrical portraits". I guess everybody knows that a human face can't be absolutely symmetrical. And if it was, the face would look very strange and not so pleasant for our perception.
     Julian Wolkenstein pretendeв that people with symmetrical faces are real and showed them to us.

     The whole series you can see here: http://www.etoday.ru/2011/03/serija-simmetrichnie-portreti.php#more

     But unfortunately he didn't give the original, and I was very curious about how these people look in real life. I decided to use my good friend Photoshop, it took several minutes, but as a result I've got a picture of young man that was much more handsome then two guys from above! :)

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