среда, 25 января 2012 г.

Super creative entrepreneurship or how to make thousands of dollars from paperclips

   Today it was a great pleasure to watch one of the most popular videos on *The art of Teaching Entrepreneurship* from Stanford University’s Entrepreneurship Corner, which provides a lot of cool videos and opportunity to learn.  
    What is immensely cool - that these lectures offer a lot of practical examples and real challenges the student are given on their courses.

     So how do you think it is possible to make a lot of money from $5 and in timeframe of 2 hours? Or how to make thousands of dollars when you have 10 paperclips

     Whach this video, it's worth seeing!) 

    For the most impatient of you I'll tell that some students handled the challenge with great sence of humor: they were breaking into the dorm rooms with the paperclips and then showing like they had stolen a lot of stuff like ipods and laptops :)
    Whatch the video and explore the ideas, which way of coming to the head is hard to imagine!) 

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