пятница, 25 ноября 2011 г.

Again the match

       Yesterday I ended listening "Delivering Happiness" by Tony Hsieh. I enjoyed the book very much, the exiting and explisit way it was written in. The author, founder of Zappos, Tony Hsieh chose really coherent way of presenting his story by design. He wanted to tell about himself, about his business in the way people would enjoy reading. And he succeed! The experience he went through can be very usefull for everyone of us and can put the spotlight on what is really significant in business. He pays a lot of attention to great customer service, to how reach the WOW effect with you clients. And I consider it is immensely important! You should treat people as you want to be treated, no matter if it's business or ordinary life. Unfortunately we experience lack of good customer service in Russia. Not some many companies carry about it. Pity...
       But today I was pleasantly surprised when calling to Lufthansa! The operator was so kind and nice that I enjoyed negotiating and moreover of course all my problems were fixed in couple of minutes!

       And yes! Of course about the match! I was reading (actually listening) the article where Tony was telling about his internship in Oracle. Few days later I was taking part in organizing a contest presentation for Russian students, arranged by Oracle. So I was attending the meeting with education development director from Oracle, promoting this event through our schools..And of course reminding about a funny match :)
Of course funny only for me, but I always have some special feeling when such matches happen)

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