четверг, 10 ноября 2011 г.

Go funky!

     For quite a long time I was going to write at least couple of words about "Funky Business" book. I know it was written in faraway 2000, but it happened that i'm reading it only now. Still it is really up-to-date and actual, especially for our country, where everything is developing not as fast as in Sweden with its super high life quality levels. The book is really worth reading, after every next page you are thinking: "yes!it's just what is happening in our world! I always thought so, but didn't know how to express that in such explicit and logical way!" I enjoy reading every chapter, authors present thoughts in immensely interesting and witty manner. Moreover, the book is extremely quotable, and I already have some favourite thoughts.

     Among them is one about how Karl Marx was right in his statement. He was claiming that workers should own the producer goods. And the truth is that we are owning it already for quite long time. And these means are human brains.  

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