суббота, 5 ноября 2011 г.

mmm, or where to dine in Spb

I saw this place a lot of times passing by the neighbourhood near Ploshad' Vosstaniya. For the first time it caught my attention when we were arranging our turkish holidays in one of the travel agencies for summer 2010. We, together with my sister thought it was the nicest place, but then for no apparent reason we concidered it quite expencive, so we just forgot. Then later I was walking there and again the flowers around the entrance seemed so lovely and inviting. I thought - ok,next time...
Time passed. And yesterday we were meeting with girls from my previous work and by chance we turned up near that place. It turned out that everyone except me knew how amazing caffe Italia was.Needless to say, I know it now too. Great pasta, pizza and especially gelato! I enjoyed mint and tiramisu one, decorated with a lot of tasty sweet stuff. And after taking sparkling red wine we can't help taking two more!Waiters were so nice, mostly they were italians. Moreover, prices were nice too). Now I have two favourite diners: Zoom and of course CaffeItalia!

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