понедельник, 28 ноября 2011 г.

Bits and atoms

       Last week I was assinged at work to gather some general information about The center of bits and atoms. That time I had absolutely no idea of what that was. And the clear understanding didn't come across till today. I knew that it was kind of a scientific center founded in collaboration with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and as it was said on its official website "a interdisciplinary initiative investigating the interface between computer science and physical science". Ok, immensely clear!
       So I was waiting for my English class seating in not really cozy cafe and reading "Funky business". The chapter was again about the brains power dominating in nowadays corporations. About the Microsoft that has much bigger market value than General Motors with its uncountable buildings, warehouses and machinery. Because Microsoft is much more about brains. And then paragraph followed:
       "Information is a new currency. That were the words of Nicolas Negropont from Media Lab of MIT, "we are mooving from world of atoms to the world of bits". We are mooving from the world with the muscule power on the first place to the world where intellect rules. Competition now is based on kilobytes, not kilograms".
        Actually I hadn't any questions after that...

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